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a.    We seek to be relationally focused not program-driven.
b.    We commit to meeting people where they are at, with the understanding that everyone's journey is unique.
c.    We are partnership focused and seek to collaborate and work with others whenever possible.

a.    All people are created in the image of God and have inherent worth and value.
b.    God loves all people including those who question, struggle or embrace alternative sexual identities.
c.    Same-gender attracted people should be treated with the justice and respect that is consistent with the good news of Jesus Christ.
3. Redemptive    
a.    God has called the church to relate graciously with same-gender attracted people, providing a safe, supportive environment in which to experience God's healing love and healthy, intimate relationships.
b.    Trusting in God's transforming power and desire for wholeness, and knowing this occurs through intimate relationship with Christ, we are discipleship focused not change-driven.   We seek to encourage people in vibrant, wholehearted commitment to loving and serving Jesus Christ.