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Recommended Books


We are please to be able to assist you in your journey through books, cds & dvds. 

"Out of Egypt" by Jeanette Howard

The careful and honest teaching in this personal testimony will prove invaluable, not only to Christian women struggling with homosexuality, but also to pastors, counsellors and family members seeking understanding. 


"Woman Who Outran The Devil" by Shirley Baskett

"In an age in which sex, pleasure and sexual preference are considered inviolable rights, Shirley towers like a Titan. The story of her journey out of alcohol, lesbianism and violence, to marriage, ministry and heterosexuality, is inspirational. And through it all, her love for God, and for what is good and true, shines like a beacon." - Briar Whitehead, author of CRAVING FOR LOVE. 


"Into The Promised Land" by Jeanette Howard

When Jeanette became a Christian she hoped that over time - as others have experienced - she would find her sexual orientation change sufficiently to consider marriage, possibly even children. It was not to be. 

"Despite joining a Christian dating agency and opening myself up to many avenues of experience, I could not honestly see myself ever committing to a man. It was time to own the truth. . ."

Jeanette's pilgrimage, often painful, has taught her how to listen for the voice of God; to know her own limitations; to seek for grace; and to discover joy in unexpected places.


"Captivating" by Stasi & John Eldredge

Best-selling author John Eldredge and his wife, Stasi, unveil the beauty and mystery of the feminine soul by showing readers the three core desires of every woman's heart. 

Every little girl has dreams of being swept up into a great adventure, of being the beautiful princess. Sadly, when women grow up, they are often swept up into a life filled merely with duty and demands. Many Christian women are tired, struggling under the weight of the pressure to be a "good servant," a nurturing caregiver, or a capable home manager.